Advanced Digital Transformation (Part 3)

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Acerca de este curso

  • Week 1: Digital Transformation
    • In this Module, you will learn about the Existential Purpose of Digital Transformation and how Human life, Organizations and Digital Technologies are inherent in determining the concept of 'Purpose'. Furthermore, using reductionism and re-constructivism you will be also be able to understand the neuroscientific basis of humans and also gain an insight into the driving force of all Digital Transformation i.e. Motivation.
  • Week 2: Artificially intelligent (AI) Ecosystems
    • In this module, you will learn about conceptualizing humans as a Neuroscientific being and what motivates us to adopt and develop Digital Technologies. The topics in this module also explain why the pursuit of reward is essential for adopting these technologies and why Bounded Rationality in humans limits our ability to realize this reward. Finally, we will analyze why Externalized Computations are the core to understanding Existential Purpose in Organizations to achieve Computational Freedom
  • Week 3: Computational Freedom
    • Topics in this module dwell upon how Digital Technologies enhance our Computational Freedom owing to the cognitive constraints of human minds and how technology helps propel an organization of people that are computationally more free to think and act. Furthermore, a comparison is drawn between the Biological and Artificially Intelligent Ecosystem to help explain how new AI ecosystems can help enhance computational freedom for new age digital organizations
  • Week 4: Purposes behind Digital Transformation
    • In this module, you will learn that processes of Digital Transformation that are essential for enacting the specific purposes. You will also briefly discuss the Scope of digital transformation. In particular, you will learn about the disjoint and cohesive purposes of digital transformation due to the creative destruction of AI Ecosystems. In the end, you will be familiarized with the strategies needed for the fulfilment of the instrumental, operational, and existential purposes of digital transformation.