Legal Tech and the Digital Transformation of Law

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Acerca de este curso

  • Module 1: Law in the Context of the Digital Revolution.
    • Lawyers are used to developing their profession in a stable and predictable industry. But this is changing. This module reviews the main technological and economic trends that are affecting the legal services industry and presents a brief history of the birth of legal tech. As was the case before in other areas, the forces of the digital revolution are reaching the world of law.
  • Module 2. The Disruption of Artificial Intelligence in Law.
    • Artificial intelligence (AI) is already part of our lives in GPS navigation systems, facial recognition, and content recommendation engines. In this module, you will learn how the legal industry is also being transformed by this technology. You will learn about companies using AI in areas such as legal research, document drafting, and even for predicting the outcome of trials. Finally, you will reflect on the opportunities, threats, and ethical dilemmas that arise in the use of robots as lawyers and judges.
  • Module 3. Blockchain Disruption in Law.
    • In general, blockchain is known for being the technology on which cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are based. But its potential goes far beyond finance. In this module, you will study how blockchain can be a formidable tool for the transformation of contract, commercial, and intellectual property law. You will learn how this technology can disrupt notaries in certification activities. Also, you will know the concept of smart contracts, self-enforcing agreements, can enhance the transparency and efficiency of the legal system.
  • Module 4. Innovation for Access to Justice.
    • The United Nations considers access to justice as a basic human right. However, every year, more than 420 million cases remain unsolved. In this module, you will explore the challenges of access to justice in a context where an increasing share of trade, labor, and investment occur online and in global markets. You will know the initiatives developed by public and private actors for online dispute resolution and the construction of virtual courts.
  • Module 5. Your Transformation into a Digital Lawyer.
    • Now that you know the main market trends and technologies that affect the future of law, it is time for you to find your place in the new context. This module will provide you with a series of tools and conceptual frameworks to reinvent your career in the context of the digital transformation of the legal industry.