How to Get Into Robotics

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Acerca de este curso

  • Week 1. Introduction to Robotics
    • In Week 1 you will be introduced to the subject of robotics! Specifically, Lesson 1 will define what a robot is, look at the 'attributes' of intelligent robots, and review some careers in robotics. Lesson 2 will look at some of the different industries that you might consider working in. The aim of the first week is to familiarise you with robotics and the job opportunities and industries robotics thrive in.
  • Week 2. Challenges, opportunities and the skills required to succeed in robotics
    • In this second week we will discuss the challenges and emerging opportunities of robotics. In particular we will discuss why robotics is hard, why the future is promising, and look at the ethical implications of robotics. Finally, we will host interviews with industry experts from Ocado Technology, the technology company behind the online grocery shop Ocado, and Shadow Robot.