YouTube For Beginners

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Video is the new way to engage and grow an audience and youtube is one of the biggest platforms to do it!

Wondering how to set up youtube channel from scratch? Want to learn how to grow your channel!

I've grown my channel to over 10k SUBSCRIBERS 850k VIEWS! This class will show you how to set up your own

youtube channel from scratch giving you a step by step guide.

I'll share practical tips and strategies to grow a sustainable youtube channel that can earn you money.

I give you all my tools and tips over the last 4 years of youtube experience.

In this class you’ll learn:

  • How to set up a YouTube channel step by step
  • Practical Tips for growing your channel
  • Researching trending content ideas
  • How to make people click your thumbnails
  • Creating a trendy YouTube banner
  • Understanding advanced analytics and audience
  • How to monetize and earn revenue
  • Using strategies to create content
  • Video tools and gear to use
  • Video Editing workflow and top plugins
  • How to increase views and engagement