YouTube Audio and Video Production – The Complete Course!

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This class is for anyone who wishes to create professional screen-captures, podcast or videos with high-quality audio and video for a one-person team.

If you wish to create your own videos with high-quality audio, video and lighting then make sure you enroll in this course!

I cover topics like:

→ Microphones

→ Pop Shield

→ Microphones Stands

→ Vocal Booths

→ Audio Interfaces

→ Vocal Pre-Amps

→ Headphones

→ Studio Monitors

→ Room Treatment

→ Vocal Mixing

→ Screenflow Screen Capture Software

→ DSLR and USB Cameras

→ Green Screens

→ Ring Lights

→ Screen Resolution

→ Thumbnails

→ Video Editing

→ Presentation Skills

If you want to learn to create high-quality audio and video either in your studio space or in your own home then this course would really give you some technical knowledge and advice that you can use today!