You as a Healthcare Leader: Effective Leadership in Health Services

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The importance of reflecting on individual strengths

What’s the key to being an effective leader in healthcare services, and what are the tools to help you get there?

This self-paced leadership course will help you become a more persuasive and convincing leader through the consideration of specific methods and resources.

You’ll have the opportunity to examine models of reflective practice alongside the importance of engaging in reflective practice and soliciting feedback as a lifelong learner.

The course will help you to understand, develop, and use emotional intelligence to improve how you guide your co-workers. You’ll also learn how to put your personal values, qualities and beliefs to good use in the workplace.

Understand your co-workers using the Myers Briggs test

The MBTI test, or Myers Briggs test, will show you what personality types support good leadership.

The Myers Briggs personality test is a powerful tool used to gain insight into people’s strengths and weaknesses by exploring their personality types. It’s often used to improve performance in organisations and to develop better self-awareness as a leader.

You’ll learn how to better understand your own skills and how to achieve your goals through personal development planning.

Develop emotional intelligence skills and learn the value of communication in leadership

What are the values, beliefs and qualities of successful leaders in global healthcare? You’ll explore how your own personal values can help you provide better leadership.

You’ll examine how to develop emotional intelligence and the role it plays in leadership, how to communicate with impact, and what the essential values of a leader are.

This ExpertTrack is designed for students or healthcare professionals, administrators wishing to progress into middle or senior management roles, as well as policy makers, executives, consultants, and service providers in the health sector.