Yoga for beautiful strength in body & mind [Yoga for Beginners]

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With this 5-part course I invite you to start your very own Yoga journey to create extraordinary changes within your life.  Join me today and discover a renewed sense of ease, strength, freedom & lightness within your body, your mind and of course your life as a whole. 

Start right here! Week #1

We're starting easy in Week 1 - we'll flow through a gentle session that will help you find mobility, strength, and of course a deeper awareness of your body and mind. 

Enjoy moving, growing and deepening the relationship to yourself 
(*whilst cultivating the ability to achieve more with less effort ;) 

There's more and more scientific literature coming out that confirms what many people have already experienced: mindful practices such as Yoga and Meditation can “re-wire” us at the molecular level and heal and protect us from addictions, mental health issues, and massively improve the quality of our lives, our our thinking and actions as well as our relationships to ourselves and everyone in our lives.

As much as I'd recommend everyone finding a great teacher to practice with in person, there's an easy, convenient option for you at the ready - practicing in your own home, in your own time, without any pressure or fear of judgements if you're completely new to it.

Show up for yourself. On a daily basis. Small steps, a few moments of sitting with yourself in gratitude for this body, this heart, this life, this moment. 

Be mindful. Take responsibility for your own body and movement and really enjoy yourself.

Warm wishes & happy practicing!


Week #1: Cultivate mobility, strength, & a deeper awareness of body & mind  

Week #2: Hello hips & hamstrings. This one's for you xx   

Week #3: Today we'll tune into shoulders and neck ... #blissbombed

Week #4: It's all about creating a strong foundation & improving your balance. Practice this one often!

Week #5: Your Yoga practice - a tool box for life. We've got goodness for the spine, the hips, hamstrings, find strength and above all - your powerful breath. Probably THE most important factor within our practice. Enjoy