X-ray Crystallography & Diffraction

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1.Geometry of crystals
2.Reciprocal lattice
3.Stereographic projection
4.Point groups and space groups
5.Basics of X-rays
6.Production and detection of X-rays
7.X-ray diffraction
8.X-ray diffraction methods
9.Diffractometer measurements
10.Intensity of diffracted beam
11.Determination of crystal structure
12.Precise lattice parameter determination
13.Phase diagram determination
14.Order-disorder transformation
15.Qualitative phase analysis
16.Quantitative phase analysis
17.Chemical analysis by X-ray fluorescence
18.Chemical analysis by X-ray absorption
19.Particle size determination by X-rays
20.Texture determination by X-rays
21.Stress analysis by X-rays
22.Determination of single crystal orientation by X-rays