Writing with Noun Clauses

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  • Introduction to Noun Clauses
    • Let’s launch into the exciting world of noun clauses! This week, you’ll start by writing an opinion paragraph, which you’ll compare with a final paragraph at the end of the course. This earlier paragraph purely serves as a point of comparison, so it doesn’t need to be perfect. After writing, you’ll learn to differentiate among noun phrases, noun clauses, and other clauses, and we’ll focus on analyzing the roles of noun clauses within a sentence as a whole. By the end of this week, you’ll understand the noun clause basics, a necessary first step for exploring the many types of noun clauses we’ll learn in Week 2. Let’s get started!
  • More Noun Clauses
    • You now have a solid understanding of how noun clauses work, so let’s build on that! This week, we’ll focus on writing noun clauses starting with question words and with "whether," "if," and "that." For each of these, you’ll watch an introductory and guided practice videos that give you tips on the independent practice exercises. After that, you’ll practice, check your answers, and take a short quiz. Finally, you’ll show what you’ve learned by writing your own sentences with this week’s noun clauses. By the end of the week, you’ll feel much more confident writing a variety of noun clauses. Ready? Let’s do it!
  • Preparing to Write Using Noun Clauses
    • Let’s take your noun clauses up a notch! This week, we’ll examine one last type of noun clauses with words such as "whenever," "wherever," or "whoever." Then, you’ll learn how to avoid learners’ common mistakes. After each lesson, you’ll practice and take a quiz to check your understanding. Finally, we’ll transition to the topic of writing with a lesson on the ways noun clauses are used when writing about opinions, and you’ll read a sample opinion piece. By the end of the week, you’ll have the tools to tackle Week 4’s challenge: writing your own opinion paragraph.
  • Writing with Noun Clauses
    • Now is your time to show off what you’ve learned about noun clauses and opinion writing. First, I’ll give you some pointers on writing a fantastic opinion paragraph with a variety of noun clauses. After you write, you’ll compare this week’s and Week 1’s paragraphs, and in a discussion post, you’ll reflect on how your writing has improved throughout the course. Finally, you’ll submit your paragraph, and you’ll evaluate another learner’’s paragraph for its use of noun clauses. By the end of this week, you’ll clearly see that your hard work with noun clauses has really paid off!