Writing with Adjective Clauses

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  • Introduction to Adjective Clauses
    • This week, before you start learning about adjective clauses, you’ll write a paragraph. Why? Because at the end of the course, you’re going to compare what you can write now with what you’ll be able to write then--after you’ve learned about adjective clauses.

      After writing, you’ll start learning new lessons. You’ll learn how to identify adjective clauses and to write adjective clauses with subject and object pronouns. For each lesson, you’ll learn from some videos, practice exercises on your own, and take a quiz to check your understanding.

      Are you ready? There’s a lot to learn, so let’s get started!
  • More Adjective Clauses
    • Hi! Welcome back. I hope you now feel like you have a basic understanding of why and how we use adjective clauses. In the next part of the course, you’ll learn to create adjective clauses with "whose," with prepositions, and with "where" and "when." For each of these, you’ll watch video lessons, do independent practice, and check your understanding with quizzes. Finally, you’ll apply what you learned this week by writing sentences using these new types of adjective clauses. We’ll go step-by-step to help you feel confident expressing your ideas in new ways using adjective clauses. Let’s get started!
  • Preparing to Write Using Adjective Clauses
    • By now, you’ve learned a great variety of relative pronouns, so it’s time to learn the finishing touches that will allow you to perfect your adjective clauses. First, you’ll find out how to use commas correctly in adjective clauses. Then, you’ll learn how to avoid the most common adjective clause errors so that you can write them with accuracy. Finally, you’ll hear some tips for using adjective clauses effectively in a paragraph or longer piece of writing. By week’s end, you’ll have all the knowledge and practice necessary for using adjective clauses correctly in your writing. Let’s do it!
  • Writing with Adjective Clauses
    • Hi again! This week, we’ll purely focus on writing with adjective clauses. First, you’ll learn about your writing assignment: to write a paragraph about a favorite restaurant--again! You did this in Week 1, but this time, you’re going to write a new paragraph that shows off everything you’ve learned in this course. After you write, you’ll compare the two paragraphs, and I think you’re going to see just how much more advanced your writing is now--thanks to adjective clauses. Finally, you’ll end the course by evaluating another learner’s use of adjective clauses. Good luck!