Write Professional Emails in English

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  • Get to Know Basic Email Writing Structures
    • 1) Understand basic professional email structures in English. 2) Identify key things to do and things to avoid. 3) Learn how to do basic editing of punctuation and capitalization.
  • Let's Start Writing
    • 1) Write more effective subject lines. 2) Understand the organization of email text. 3) Write better email text.
  • Introduction and Announcement Emails
    • 1) Analyze and identify the traits of introductions and announcement emails. 2) Learn and use key language for these types of emails to revise your first email.
  • Request and Apology Emails
    • 1) Analyze and identify the traits of request and apology emails. 2) Learn specific language associated with making request and apologies. 3) Practice focused key language.
  • Culture Matters
    • 1) Review cultural effects on all your email writing. 2) Learn how to distinguish different ways people communicate and how to apply these differences to email writing.