Work System Design

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Week 1 : Work System Design: Introduction,Introduction and Concept of Productivity, Measurement of Productivity, Productivity Measures, Productivity
Measurement ModelsWeek 2 : Factors Influencing Productivity, Causes of Low Productivity, Productivity Measurement Models, Productivity Improvement Techniques,
Numerical Problems on productivity, Case study on productivity.
Week 3 : Work Study: Basic Concept, Steps Involved in Work Study, Concept of Work Content, , Techniques of Work Study, Human Aspects of Work Study
Week 4 : Method Study: Basic Concept, Steps Involved in Method Study, Recording Techniques, Operation Process Charts, Operation Process Charts:
Week 5 : Flow Process Charts, Flow Process Charts: Examples, Two-Handed-Process Charts, Multiple Activity Charts, Flow Diagrams.
Week 6 : String Diagrams, Principles of Motion Economy, Micro-Motion Study, Therbligs, SIMO Charts
Week 7 : Memo-Motion Study, Cycle graph and Chrono-Cycle Graph, Critical Examination Techniques, Development and Selection of New Method,
Installation and Maintenance of Improved Methods.
Week 8 : Work Measurement: Basic Concept, Techniques of Work Measurement, Steps Involved in Time Study, Steps and Equipment of Time Study,
Performance Rating.
Week 9 : Performance Rating: Examples, Allowances, Computation of Standard Time-I, Computation of Standard Time-II, Case Study
Week 10 : Work Sampling: Basics, Procedure of Work Sampling Study, Numerical Problems on work sampling, Introduction to Synthetic Data and PMTS,
Introduction to MTM and MOST
Week 11 : Ergonomics: Basic Concept, Industrial Ergonomics, Ergonomics: Anthropometry, Man-Machine System-1 , Man-Machine System-2
Week 12 : Case Study: Office Chair, Case Study: Tower Crane Cabin, Case Study: Car Seat, Case Study: Computer System, Case Study: Assembly Line