Work Smarter with Microsoft Word

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  • Getting Started with Microsoft 365
    • In this module, you will get started with Microsoft 365 by learning how to navigate your account, explore the basics of the most used Office 365 applications, and access Microsoft 365 services.
  • Entry-level: Getting started with Word
    • In this module, you will begin using the Microsoft Word application. As part of this module, you will navigate a document, use Word’s editing tools, and proof a document using proofing tools.
  • Working with text tables and lists
    • In this module, you will move on to more complex Word tasks like formatting for text and paragraphs, adding and editing tables and cells, and you’ll also learn how to manage lists.
  • Working With Graphics
    • This module focuses on working with graphics in Microsoft Word. As well as adding graphics, and using images in a document, you’ll also learn how to create and format text boxes and pull quotes, use shapes in a document, and enhance your documents using WordArt and complex illustrations.
  • Finalizing a document
    • In this module, you will explore the various features that you can use to finalize documents in Microsoft Word. This includes a review of accessibility features, how to set save options, controlling text flow, adding captions and references, adding hyperlinks, footnotes, and endnotes, and slightly more complex tasks such as adding citations, a bibliography, and a table of contents.
  • Collaborating on documents
    • In this module, you will discover how to collaborate on documents with other team members. You’ll look at how to share a document, Work with comments and track changes and perform a document review.
  • Honors: Hands-on practice using Microsoft Word
    • In this Module, you will have the opportunity to complete an optional honors assignment for special recognition. You will experience an immersive practical session, applying your word processing skills to a Graded Peer-Review assignment. If you complete the honors assignments in this course, your Course Certificate will include a special Honor’s Recognition.