Work Smarter with Microsoft Excel

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  • Getting started with Excel
    • In this module, you will get started with some entry-level basics in Microsoft Excel. By getting to know Excel, what it does, its interface, and general layout and features. You will get to start creating workbooks and working with data. Before exploring how to modify workbooks, format data, apply layout and prepare to print.
  • Working with functions
    • In this module, you will start working with Excel's core features: functions and formulas. You will learn how to implement and use formulas and functions with data in Excel. You will also learn how to use Sorting and Filtering tools, and define data sets by applying range names. Finally, you will explore an array of specialized, text, and logical functions that can boost your abilities in Excel.
  • Organizing and visualizing data
    • In this module, you will move on to how to organize and visualize data in Excel. You will learn all about tables and charts, how to create, format, and modify them to store organize and display data in the way that you need. You will also learn how to manage large workbooks. Finally, you will be introduced to analyzing data, using Excels pivot tables and slicers.
  • Advanced Excel features
    • In this module, you will have the opportunity to try out some of the Advanced features that Excel has to offer. These include customizing formulas, proofing, and interface options, as well as applying conditional formatting. How to customize, manage, enhance and automate large workbooks, and how to export data and use data sources.
  • Honors: Hands-on practice using Microsoft Excel
    • In this module, you will undertake a hands-on project with Microsoft Excel. In this project, you will use the knowledge and experience that you’ve gained from the previous modules by applying your spreadsheet skills to analyze and present sales data, before reviewing and leaving comments.