Wireless Communications for Everybody

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  • Introduction and History of Cellular Communication Systems
    • In this part of the course, we will learn the introduction and history of cellular communication system. First, we will take a example of cellular communication system with cell phone. And then, learn about the what a cellular system is and how it has been developed so far. Lastly, we will briefly look into the concepts of future cellular systems.
  • Principles of Wireless Communication Theory
    • In this part of the course, we will learn the fundamental principles of wireless communication theory. I will raise five fundamental questions in the first lecture as follows: i) 'how can we represent information into a binary format?', ii) 'how can information be transferred?', iii) 'how does wireless digital MODEM work?', iv) 'how can high-rate data be delivered reliably?', and v) 'how can many users access simultaneously?'. During the following 5 lectures, you will have the answers.
  • Principles of Wireless Resource Management
    • In this part of the course, we will discuss the basic concept of wireless resource management. I will raise six interesting questions as follows: i) 'how does the interference affect the capacity of wireless networks?', ii) 'why does the cellular system look like as of today?', iii) 'Increasing the number of cells increases the capacity?', iv) 'how is 5G cellular being shaped?', v) 'how does the interference management increase the capacity?' and Ⅵ) 'how does scheduling increase the average capacity?'.
  • Multiple Antenna Technologies
    • In this part of the course, we will learn how multiple antennas can be efficiently used in different strategies for communication system enhancement. First, we look in to the basics of antenna, and then learn about the three main gains that are achievable by multiple antennas: array, diversity, and spatial multiplexing. Lastly, we briefly look in to the concepts of single-user MIMO and multi-user MIMO.
  • Physical Layer Design of LTE systems
    • In this part of the course, we will learn how the fundamental principles of wireless communication theory, resource management, and multiple antenna technology are implemented in the LTE system.
  • LTE Cellular Networks and Services
    • In this course, we will discuss LTE cellular networks.