WildLife Conservation

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Conservation of wildlife is important, not only because animals like pandas are cute, or animals like tiger or elephant are majestic, and we want to have them with us; it is also important for the provisioning of several ecosystem services and the proper working of the ecosystem itself, of which we too are a part. In this course, we shall discuss the several facets of wildlife conservation, including its importance and the threats being faced, and also how they are being managed in the field. We shall explore how to capture wild animals, how to treat them when needed, how to manage their habitats and their populations, and so on. We'll use the case study approach with real-life examples from the field to get a better understanding of this field and its applications.

INTENDED AUDIENCE :Officers and staff of Forest departments, Students of Forestry, Wildlife conservation and allied disciplines, Policy makersPREREQUISITES :Has cleared 10+2 with science
INDUSTRY SUPPORT :Tourism industries, Education industries, Green energy industries, Renewable energy / materials industry



Week 1: Introduction, Importance, ThreatsWeek 2: Monitoring wild animalsWeek 3: Monitoring & managing habitatsWeek 4: Management of wildlife diseasesWeek 5: Capturing and restraining wild animalsWeek 6: Conservation geneticsWeek 7: Ex-situ conservationWeek 8: Management of changes