Wild Life and its Conservation

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The main purpose of this course is to provide Scientific information on wildlife resource which is part of our nature. Many people are un aware of wildlife resources of India and their role is not understood for human survival. Due to hunting, poaching, and indiscriminate use of natural resources, the wild animal’s habitat is shrinking. Many species are becoming endangered and on the way of extinction. At this juncture, if we educate public and other interested people about usefulness of wildlife, rules and regulations available to conserve them in their natural abode, it is possible to control the depletion of valuable wild animal species on this planet earth. Therefore, in this course, efforts will be made to know about the values of wildlife, their conservations and modes of conservation. In this course all possible efforts will be made to provide a platform to interact with wildlife experts and discuss the wild animals and human conflicts. It is an awareness course, to provide continuous education on wild animals to and to develop awareness among public.