Why Scale a Startup?

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  • Scaling a Startup
    • In this module, we will take a high-level look at the place of scaling and scaleups within entrepreneurship and innovation and begin to formulate how scaleups and startups differ.
  • What is a Scaleup?
    • What makes a scaleup different than a startup? What questions should you be asking yourself before you start to scale up? And does startup type determine scaleup strategy? These are a few of the key questions we will address in this module.
  • Scaling Fast vs. Scaling Slow: The Role of Risk
    • Is scaling a sprint or a marathon? That depends on your view on risk, your industry insight, and how weatherproof your company can be - all of which we will cover in this module.
  • Exponential Growth
    • We hear a lot about exponentiality, but what does it actually mean? In this module, we will establish the key differences between growth (which is linear) and scaling (which is exponential), looking at examples from successful companies to further illustrate this difference as we prepare to scale up.