What’s Your Big Idea?

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  • Think
    • We start at the beginning with your big idea and where it comes from: your everyday experience

      and known sources of innovation as described by Peter Drucker.
  • Listen
    • This second phase of the entrepreneurial lifecycle encourages you to take the big idea you’ve

      thought about and solicit feedback from the people whose problems you’re trying to solve.
  • Plan
    • Strategy, the art and science of being different than your competition, is the next element we introduce,

      based on Michael Porter’s work.
  • Clarify
    • In this module, we coach you on continuing to refine your big idea and beginning to

      communicate it clearly to a wider audience.
  • Support
    • To make your big idea into a reality, you’ll need the personal, professional, and financial

      resources we discuss in this module.
  • Iterate
    • This final step of the entrepreneurial lifecycle outlines a method to continue thinking, listening,

      planning, clarifying, and supporting your big idea.
  • Peer Assessment (Optional)
    • Create a pitch for your Big Idea, then give and receive feedback.
  • Reverse Pitches (Optional)
    • In these optional videos, experts from UNC Chapel Hill and Washington University in St. Louis offered

      their insider perspectives on a number of pressing problems that present unprecedented opportunities

      for meaningful innovation.