What is International Development?

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Discover the fascinating study of international development

On this course, you will learn how international development is conceptualised, imagined and communicated as an area of study.

You will consider the ways international development impacts individuals living in different parts of the world, focusing on Nairobi in Kenya.

You will use the example of Nairobi to relate abstract concepts and debates to the lived experiences of real people.

Upon completion of this course, you’ll have a deeper understanding of indicators of development, population growth, migration, urbanisation, and environmental issues like waste and pollution.

We have facilitation dates planned with our course team for:

  • 14th September - 16th October 2020
  • 8th February - 12th March 2021
  • 10th May - 11th June 2021

This course is designed for anyone interested in diversity across the world.

It will be of particular interest to those considering study or work in international development.