What is Consciousness? – Spirituality meets Quantum Physics

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A Journey through the Purpose of Life, Psychology & Spiritual Wisdom: You Control your Vibration!

" It makes me very glad that through some `coincidence` I clicked here, because well... the feeling I had while listening was like putting on a rarely worn coat…you put your hand in its pocket and you find something there, that you`ve been looking for for ages...or some similar feeling. THANK YOU!"  - Rita

This course has been ranked Best Seller and Highest Rated on Udemy in Self-development.

What you`ll learn:

  • Watch scientific experiments about how consciousness manifests matter from vibrating energy
  • Learn key facts about manifesting, which have been left out of the movie `The Secret`
  • Attract synchronicities, meetings, opportunities and happiness with a 5 point step-by-step guide
  • Learn how to maintain alignment with our higher self, the flow and our passion
  • Take part in a philosophical enquiry about the birth of the universe and the purpose of life: compare the findings of science and ancient philosophies
  • Learn how we can attract and change via neural pathways, mirror neurons and core beliefs
  • Investigate concepts of quantum physics, for example parallel universes and time travel
  • Visualisation techniques: how to release resistance & how to focus. Meditation: how to find my purpose
  • Learn how the New Age and Buddhism see Karma differently


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My name is Peter Torok and I would like to welcome you to my Law of Attraction course. This training was designed to show us how we can align with our Higher self and how to move into the vibration, which is most conducive for success and positive synchronicities.

A mysterious connection to the universe

A few months after I first started meditating, someone told me that I should really try to go on a retreat. So, I went. On the retreat, I had to do 9 hours of meditation and visualisation every day. On the third day, something happened to me, which wasn`t like anything else that I have experienced in my life before. I suddenly felt that my mind had become silent. I had no thoughts in me, only blissful presence. I looked around me, and I saw other people on the retreat going about their business. As I looked at them, I felt unconditional love towards them and it seemed like no negativity existed in the world; that everything was perfect and purposeful. This feeling is not something that I can explain. It doesn`t compare to physical or emotional or any kind of mental love - it was something infinitely powerful and integrative.

I couldn`t make sense of loving these strangers in this inexpressible way. As I sat there just observing myself and them, I realised something. It wasn`t really me who was doing the `loving`. Instead, love was just there, pre-existing… and somehow I managed to go beyond my ordinary thinking mind! Beyond that, there was this unconditionally existing love, to which everyone and everything is connected…I was in this specific state for half an hour and it took three weeks until it completely wore off.  It has changed my life. I began researching consciousness, which led me through a life of study, teaching, meditation and lucid dreaming.

The power of our mind

This course is both philosophical and practical in nature. Its purpose is to really think deeply about our place in the universe and to draw attention to the shocking discovery that our `mind` actually has some unknown power, which effects subatomic particles… which can manifest! We can find many ideas in the New Age, Buddhism and other Shamanic linages, which show a surprising similarity with the results of Quantum Physics experiments. I took the time to collect these experiments. In this course anyone can look at these video demonstrations, then listen to me compare their results to the wisdom of the ancient traditions. After the comparison you can decide what to think and how you`re going to apply this in your life!

You will find detailed explanations about our place in the universe and our connection with our `higher self`. By the end of the course, you will know exactly how to use the power of your mind, to focus, allow, visualise, release resistance and get into the flow... to manifest the things you seek.


Why learn from me?

Personal - I share the summary of my spiritual journey in one big philosophical lecture. As always, I aim to focus on how we can use the information and teachings in practical ways.

Expertise - Given my background in maths & economics, I think it`s fair to say that I like to I approach spirituality with an analytical mind. I talk about logical explanations and practical applications.

Experience - What I teach mostly comes from my own altered states of consciousness experiences. Apart from that, I also visited Hindu and Buddhist masters in India and Nepal. I am also a qualified teacher.

Mindfulness - I have witnessed the results of meditation and the power of the mind over and over. This lecture is intended to be a real eye-opener to what may await us beyond this life.

Community - You can join our Facebook group and discuss your progression with other practitioners. If you need to talk to me, I am available via e-mail and Skype.

Did you know? - Lucid Dreaming is an excellent way to practice manifestation because in the dream world, we manifest instantly.

Applying the techniques in this course may lead to a new type of awareness in our dreams. I have achieved the following in Lucid Dreaming:

-Over 500 lucid dreams since 2010, and corresponding experience to interpret dreams

-Experienced use of the `WILD` technique and the `Astral Projection/OBE` technique

-The ability to enter lucid dreams from meditation in the form of conscious transition

-Clear light lucid dreams, in which one may manifest freely in the absence of subconscious projections


I'm confident that you'll love the course and that once you take action, you will revolutionise your self-development practice!

I hope to see you soon,



What my students said:

“You are describing complicated phenomena in a clear way, therefore it is easy to understand your lecture. Secondly, I enjoyed the loose, mixed composition of topics, which gave a comprehensive understanding about known and new things” - Judit. G 

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who are looking to reconnect with their higher self.
  • Anyone who would like a comprehensive tool for the Law of Attraction.
  • Anyone who would like to attract positive people into their life and have more rewarding, feel-good relationships.
  • Anyone who would like to instil positive, empowering thoughts and beliefs.
  • Anyone who is interested in learning how to be mindful and how to relieve suffering.
  • Anyone who wants to develop new habits, or change old ones.
  • Therapists, mentors, counsellors, healthcare workers who want to broaden their skill set