What is Compliance?

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  • What is compliance?
    • What is compliance and why is it important? In this module, we answer those questions while also looking at some recent high-profile cases of non-compliance in the business world.
  • Why is Compliance Important?
    • Non-compliance can have massive real-world implications for the general public, not just individuals directly related to a non-compliant company. In this module, we examine laws that specifically create compliance obligations, as well as the potential costs of non-compliance.
  • Compliance & Risk
    • Every company and organization must deal with risk, and compliance is ultimately a vehicle to mitigate risk. This module explores the close relationship between compliance and risk management. We will analyze the ways in which compliance programs manage risk, as well as alternative forms of risk management.
  • Developments in the Field of Compliance
    • This module highlights developments in the ever-evolving world of compliance, with special emphasis on recent trends in regulatory focus.