Web Development with Java Spring Framework

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  • Module 1. Spring Framework Introduction
    • In the introduction, we will tell you who this course is for and what modules it consists of. The main purpose of this module is to guide you on the topic of whether our course will be of interest to you, and to explain what tools you will need to complete it successfully.
  • Module 2.Spring Core
    • In this module, we will cover the fundamental concepts of Spring Core: Dependency Injection(DI) and Inversion of Control (IoC). Consider the concept of Bean and his life cycle. Also we will try to develop a simple Spring Core application with Maven.
  • Module 3. Spring MVC
    • In this module, we will take a closer look at the Model-View-Controller pattern. We will try to understand how Spring Framework supports the this pattern. We will discuss each of part this pattern: Model, Controller and View. Also we will found best practices for writing classes with the Spring MVC framework.
  • Module 4. Spring DATA
    • In this module, we will look at the Java Persistence API and Hibernate, will learn how to implement the CRUD paradigm in our application, and will explore the basic PostgreSQL data storage and management capabilities.
  • Module 5. Spring REST
    • In this module, we will cover the fundamental concepts of implement Web services using Spring REST framework.
      We will cover the concept of implementing web services that conform to the REST architectural style. We will build a service that accept HTTP GET, PUT, POST and DELETE requests and respond with a JSON representation of a greeting.