Watercolour Greenery: How to Paint Trees

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In this class, I will show you the different techniques I use to paint watercolour trees. 

This class is great for beginners or improvers if you want to spend some time playing around with your watercolours painting a really fun subject!

I start by giving you an overview of the supplies that I use and then I will walk you through the steps to painting different trees, from simplifying the shape, to understanding highlights and shadows, to values, colours and a variety of brush techniques to get different effects. These include dabbing, dry brushing, wet on wet, wet on dry and lifting. I will then take you through my process, step by step in real time, for painting the eight different trees, with tips and guidance along the way.  

I hope this class will allow you to feel more confident using watercolours and that you will be able to create a page of wonderful trees, that you are really proud of, by the end of it!