Watercolour floral master class- Loose florals, fillers and leaves (40 elements + 3 class projects)

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Do you struggle with paintina variety florals ? Tired of looking for more references often to be inspired to paint.?? Did you ever wished  how easy could it be if you can paint a huge variety of florals with simple brush strokes ? If you agree with all the above this class is for you. 

In this masterclass you will master your brush strokes to create simple yet elegant flowers. You will be learning how to paint 40 different floral elements which will include painting loose florals, fillers and leaves and at the end of the class you shall also learn how to pick those elements and use them in creating a beautiful artwork. 

You shall explore a beautiful world of floral with me in this class. If you are interested in learning, come join with me in my masterclass. This class is structured for both beginner and experienced artists. 
See  you in my class.


Viddhi Kantesaria