Watercolor Waterscapes – (Painting Seascape in Two Ways)

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This class will take you through the complete journey to paint seascape stepwise. We will start by discovering all the materials required, background washes, waves movement and discussing other techniques. Through every class project we are going to learn it all.


  1. Background Washes - Gradated Wash & Variegated Wash
  2. Water - Painting Ripples & Movements in Water using rules of Perspective

Getting all the answers to common questions like:

  1. Why does a waterbody create ripples?
  2. How do we work around perspective to understand vanishing point?
  3. How to effectively work around a composition?
  4. How to create light effect in components of a landscape or seascape like clouds, water and dolphins?
  5. And many more....

Materials required:

  1. Arches 300 GSM A4 Size Paper (highly recommended)
  2. Any brand of watercolor available with you
  3. Silver Black Velvet Brush (Size 4 & size 6)
  4. Wash Brush (Princeton 1.5 Inch)
  5. Watercolor Palette
  6. Masking tape (1 inch)

Finally we will be using all the learnings to paint two class projects.