Watercolor Painting Leaves: how to easily paint multiple styles, create depth and movement

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Watercolor Leaves: how to easily paint multiple styles & learn to layer leaves creating depth for an interesting piece of art that you can frame, digitize to use in your design work and enjoy painting over and over again!

In this class I will be teaching you;

  • my top tips for how to mix your watercolor paint to get the best flow while you paint your leaves,
  • how to best use a round brush for painting thin strokes, broad strokes and everything in between,
  • how to use a limited palette and mix variations of shades for painting depth and layers of watercolor leaves,
  • how to paint a page of leaves and stems that you will use to refer to over and over again,
  • finally, how to paint a full page of leaves that have movement, depth and interest!

This class is perfect for beginners to intermediate watercolor enthusiasts! If you've had a little bit of watercolor instruction and have some experience with watercolor, this class is a great class to help get your confidence up and get painting right away!

I'll share with you my essential watercolor tips as we begin to paint together!

My goal for you with this class is not only for you to grow your watercolor practice and skill, but by the end of this class, I want you to have painted a few sheets of leaves and stems that you can enjoy trying your hand at again and again.  Once you start, it becomes such an enjoyable and meditative practice!

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