Welcome to Watercolor Mosaics! I first taught this workshop to in-person students during Watercolors of Sicily, one of my signature art retreats which takes place in different countries every year.  

I was inspired by one of our cultural outings to Villa Romana del Tellaro, a Roman villa dating from the late Roman Empire with stunning mosaic installations. After our visit we returned to our retreat space with fresh inspiration to paint our own versions of mosaics using only watercolors. 

I was amazed to see my students creating a variety of beautiful paintings, each one so unique and it was easy to observe everyone’s individual style because this workshop allows pretty much any subject matter, shape distribution and color palette combination.

Now I am happy to be sharing this beautiful workshop in the form of an online Skillshare class! I am looking forward to your artwork and I am here to answer any questions. 


TIP: If you are new to watercolor painting, there are two foundational classes I would suggest taking before diving into Watercolor Mosaics: 



Film and edit:

The Stills

Openers and animation:

Old Magic Design


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