Watercolor: Loose Florals

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Ah, the sweet, playful, loose watercolor florals... these are the ultimate coveted style that we are all striving to create. This class will guide you through some basic techniques to help you create a few different styles of flowers (yes, peonies are in here), but more importantly, show you the brush strokes needed to move into a style of your very own. 

In this class, we will demystify the lack of structure by introducing a playful style of flowers using new knowledge of how to control your paint’s transparency, flow and blending properties. 

We’ll explore a number of different flowers that will help you achieve any look you’re going for in your art pieces. You’ll learn how to add depth using pigment, brush control to produce effortless strokes, and color harmony. 

You’ll even learn how to paint the perfect peony in under 5 minutes!

Lastly, we’ll explore how to break the rules a bit to get a little messier, bringing a whole new look to our florals.

This class is perfect for you if you’re ready to start painting flowers and leaves with less structure for a bright, soft, inviting appeal and caters to both watercolorists who have dabbled or never even touched a brush before! I gotchu.

For reference:

Daniel Smith - Chinese White
Daniel Smith - Ivory Black (recently switched to Lunar Black)
Daniel Smith - Burnt Umber
Daniel Smith - Transparent Brown Oxide
Daniel Smith - Hansa Yellow Medium
Daniel Smith - New Gamboge
Daniel Smith - Organic Vermilion
Daniel Smith - Cadmium Red Medium Hue
Daniel Smith - Bordeaux
Daniel Smith - Cobalt Blue Violet
Daniel Smith - Prussian Blue
Daniel Smith - Phthalo Blue (Green Shade)
Daniel Smith - Phthalo Green (Blue Shade)
Daniel Smith - Phthalo Green (Yellow Shade)
Daniel Smith - Deep Sap Green
Daniel Smith - Sap Green
Daniel Smith - Green Gold
Daniel Smith - Buff Titanium
Daniel Smith - Indian Yellow
Daniel Smith - Pyrrol Scarlet 
Daniel Smith - Quinacridone Red
Daniel Smith - Quinacridone Violet
Daniel Smith - Perylene Violet
Daniel Smith - Rhodonite Genuine
Daniel Smith - Rose of Ultramarine
Daniel Smith - Mayan Blue Genuine
Daniel Smith - Cascade Green
Daniel Smith - Jadeite Genuine
Daniel Smith - Diopside Genuine
Daniel Smith - Serpentine Genuine
Daniel Smith - Green Apatite Genuine
Daniel Smith - Perylene Green
Daniel Smith - Diopside Genuine
Daniel Smith - Garnet Genuine