Professional watercolor artist and teacher Louise De Masi has an eye for detail. She has developed a style of painting where she begins with loose wet on wet washes and ends with fine realistic rendering. Join her in her home as she shares her painting techniques with you.

In this 81 minute tutorial Louise will guide you through the painting of three different herbs in watercolor - Sage, Rosemary and French Sorrel. The different painting stages of each herb are divided into 5 short videos. 

She will share with you different techniques that she uses in all of her watercolor paintings including:

  • Loading the brush with paint
  • Working wet on wet
  • Working wet on dry
  • Blending colors
  • Lifting color
  • Painting negatively

As an added bonus, Louise demonstrates in Photoshop how she prepares her paintings ready to be printed.

This class is suitable for intermediate painters but beginners will also find it useful. Please explore Louise's other class on Skillshare 'Watercolor Rose.'