Watercolor Botanical Painting: Basil and Chamomile

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Paint with realism and confidence in the watercolor botanical style! If you're more of a meticulous and detail-oriented person, or prefer realism over impressionism, then this is the style for you! In this class, I'll share with you some beginner level tips and tutorials as we paint the basil and chamomile. The reference photos and sketches will be provided so that we can focus on the painting.


My hope is that you'll be able to master the techniques, and then be able to apply them to other subjects. Botanical painting may seem complicated at first, but break it down into simple basic techniques, and you can do it, too!

Make sure to download the reference photos and sketches for the basil and chamomile. You can also download a list of my supplies. 

Thanks, and I look forward to seeing your work!