Watercolor Basics: How to Paint Floral Greenery

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Greenery is having a major moment in the wedding and design world...just scroll through Instagram or Pinterest and you'll see what I mean! "Greenery" even won out as Pantone color of the year! With such a focus on foliage, I thought it would be the perfect time to share some of my favorite tips and techniques using watercolors. After we practice different methods, we will put our skills to good use with two great projects.


To practice different techniques while painting floral greenery and gain confidence in basic watercolor skills.


A beginner/intermediate level class where you will practice a variety of techniques while painting greenery. We will go over in extensive detail what supplies you'll need and what are the best choices for you. We will put our practice to good use with several exercises and two simple and straightforward projects. 


-Experiment with mixing greens. Mix at least 10 unique colors.

-Draw 6 boxes on a piece of paper. Practice brush strokes in each box, using the video as a guide.

-Practice basic leaf shapes. Fill an entire page with basic leaves.

-Practice painting specific types of greenery: tulip, spray, silver dollar eucalyptus, mum.


1. Minimalist Framed Artwork 

2. Pattern Framed Artwork