Wastewater Treatment and Recycling

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Week 1 : Introduction: General outline; Introduction to wastewater; Various sources and types of wastewater; Need of wastewater management; Concept of wastewatertreatment and recyclingWeek 2 :Wastewater Generation and Characteristics: Wastewater generation and quantity estimation; Water quality parameters and standards (COD, BOD, DO, Solids, Nutrients, metals and emerging contaminants); Sources specific wastewater physical and chemical characteristicsWeek 3 : Natural Attenuation of Pollutants in Wastewater: Concept of natural attenuation; Wastewater discharge in rivers; Attenuation of pollutants on land application.Week 4 : Treatment Philosophy: Objectives of wastewater treatment; Concept of mass balance; kinetics and equilibrium processes; Reactors tanks; Continuously mixed tankreactors; Plug-flow reactors Introduction to primary, secondary and tertiary treatment;Week 5 : Preliminary and Primary Treatment Processes: Screening; Grit removal; Equalization tank; Sedimentation theory; Rectangular and circular sedimentation tanksWeek 6 : Secondary Treatment Processes: Biological treatment of wastewater; Microbial ecology and growth kinetics; Types of microorganisms; Aerobic and anaerobic processes; Suspended and attached growth systems; Activated sludge process; Tricking filters and Rotating biological contactorsWeek 7 : Secondary Treatment Processes - Anaerobic: Anaerobic treatment; Anaerobic decomposition of organic matter; Fluidized bed systems; Upflow anaerobic sludge blanket systems; Biogas production and collection; other reactor configurationsWeek 8 : Sludge Management: The quantity and characteristics of sewage sludge; Sludge dewatering, drying, and thickening; Sludge digestion; Aerobic and anaerobic sludge stabilization; CompostingWeek 9 : Tertiary (Advanced) Treatment Processes: Need and Objectives of advanced treatment; Nutrient (N and P) removal; Chemical treatment processes; Advanced oxidation processes; Adsorption and Ion-exchange; Membrane processesWeek 10 : Current Treatment Approaches: Conventional systems; Integrated treatment systems; Advanced reactor configurations; SBR, MBR and MBBR; Application and case studiesWeek 11 : Wastewater Recycling: Scope and demands; Types and stages of recycling; Recycling requirements; Designated reuse criteria; centralized vs decentralized recycling systems.Week 12 :Technology Selection and Decision Making: Research trends in wastewater treatment and recycling; Choice modelling and decision making; Risks and challenges; Socio-economic perspectives; Case studies