Waste Management and Critical Raw Materials

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Week 1: Urgency and challenges with critical raw materials (CRMs) and waste. How can we find out what CRMs are in products, and how can we get them back? The effects of materials shortage, future development and geo-politics on raw materials. Current waste management of products containing CRMs in general, waste management of commercial and household waste, regulation of electric and electronic waste (WEEE). Environmental problems such as leaching heavy metals from incinerator ashes and landfills. Partial metals retrieval from incinerator ashes.

Week 2: Different collection systems for recycling and remanufacturing/refurbishment, recycling psychology and the separate waste collection of commercial and household waste.

Week 3: Recycling technology: pre-processing, metallurgy and its challenges. Recycling economics and the problem of <1% (most) CRMs recycling.

Week 4: Remanufacturing and refurbishment systems: return of product (reverse logistics), disassembly and repair of the product, market demand and economics.

Week 5: Product design using better recycling or remanufacturing and refurbishment. Substitution of materials.

Week 6: New business models to generate profits from products that last longer. Circular procurement for government and companies.