Visual Storytelling with Final Cut Pro X — Second Edition

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This class is perfect for anyone looking to expand their horizons and perhaps break into a new and growing discipline. Final Cut Pro X takes a lot of the former complexities out of video editing, putting a tremendous amount of power into a well-crafted product that anyone can use.

A talented video editor can command between $150 to $350 an hour for their craft and with the wealth of video projects hitting the net (YouTube Channels, Kickstarter videos, and even product reviews on Amazon) you can get in and start working quickly and efficiently.

What You'll Learn

  • The Interface and Your First Cut. We’re going to start with the very basic principles of editing, walk through the interface of Final Cut Pro X, set up our preferences, import our first batch of footage, and compile then refine our rough cut.
  • Adding Personality to Your Story. We'll look at advanced editing techniques, titles, transitions, animations, and sound that's possible from within the app.
  • Your Final Cut and Sharing Your Work. We’ll dive into retiming your footage, the color correcting abilities of Final Cut Pro X, and the various export options available. Three bonus lessons also run through audio synchronizing, multicam clips, and my storytelling process.

What You'll Make

It doesn't matter if you've never touched a video editing program in your life. By the end of the class you’ll be equipped with the knowledge to begin working in this field as an editor or put your newfound superpowers to good use cleaning up those years of family movies you’ve accumulated on your hard drive from your phone or video camera. Side effects of this class include rapidly dwindling hard drive space and the desire to capture everyday moments on video for later editing.

For those already familiar with video editing: many former students who already knew their way around Final Cut Pro 7 or X have said that this class has helped improve their workflow, speed, and efficiency. Add to the fact that you're editing a variety of real-world footage and receiving feedback from your peers, and you have a recipe for success.