Visual Perception and Visual Illusions

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  • Module 1. Introduction
    • In this module you will learn about different theories of perception and classifications of illusions.
  • Module 2. Physiology of Visual Perception
    • In Module 2 you will learn about the physiological and neurological basis of visual perception.
  • Module 3. Lightness and contrast
    • In Module 3 we will discuss physics of light, lightenss (brightness) perception and illusions of lightness.
  • Colour Peception
    • In Module 4 you will learn how colour perception works and see some examples of fascinating colour illusions.
  • Module 5. Motion Perception
    • Module 5 is dedicated to motion pereption and illusory motion.
  • Module 6. Perceptual Illusions
    • Module 6 deals with the relationship between illusions and reality. You will also learn about the relationship between illusions and consciousness.
  • Module 7. 3D vision
    • In Module 7 you will learn how we perceive the 3-dimentional world that we live in.
  • Module 8. Perception and Art
    • Module 7 dicusses the relationship between perception and art.