Viscous Fluid Flow

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Viscous fluid flow covers the fundamentals of fluid mechanics from an advanced point of view. This course focusses largely on viscous flows in the incompressible regime. This course will cover the derivation of Navier-Stokes equations, exact solutions for simplified configurations, creeping flows , Stokes’s first and second problems, laminar boundary layers, wall-bounded and free-shear boundaries and hydrodynamic stability with an introduction to turbulence. The course will give the audience physical insights through the use of mathematical tools for solving real-flow problems. The course will help students, faculty members, and researchers in the field to get in-depth understanding of concepts in viscous fluid flow.

Postgraduate and undergraduate students of Mechanical Engineering and similar branches;
Faculty members associated with Mechanical Engineering;
Practicing engineers associated with fluid and thermal industries.PREREQUISITES : No specific pre-requisite. Fundamental knowledge of Fluid Mechanics should be sufficient.INDUSTRIES SUPPORT :BHEL, NTPC, Eaton