Vibration and Structural Dynamics

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Week 1: Introduction, Equation of motion, Single-degree of freedom (SDOF), Undamped and damped, free vibration of SDOFWeek 2: Examples on free vibration, Forced vibration, Harmonic Loading, Examples on Harmonic Loading
Week 3: Response to arbitrary loading: Duhamel’s integral, Impulse loading
Week 4: Multi-degree of freedom (MDOF), Normal modes of vibration, natural frequencies and mode shapes
Week 5: Modal superposition theorem, Examples on MDOFWeek 6: Continuous system, Axial Vibration in Rod, Natural frequencies & mode shapes, Forced vibration of rods
Week 7: Flexural Vibration in beam, Natural frequencies and mode shapes, Forced vibration of beams
Week 8: Hamilton’s principle, Euler-Lagrange equation