Venture Design: How to create your own startup from scratch

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Develop the core skills you need to create your own backable business venture

This business venture focused course will give aspiring entrepreneurs the skills you need in order to develop your own start-up idea, and help upskill in a post COVID-19 world.

Over the course of 6 weeks, you’ll demystify the venture building process and will identify the core skills you need in order to come up with and test new venture business ideas from scratch.

Go through the Venture Design lifecycle

You’ll learn what a venture backable business is and be taken through the process of developing one. You’ll investigate markets ripe for disruption, explore trends and identify areas in which to focus on.

You’ll explore how people fit into this process, gathering insights to create something that people want through human-centered design, conducting user interviews and designing surveys.

Using this information, you’ll generate venture ideas using proven ideation techniques. Then you’ll learn how to then challenge and test your idea before refining and shaping it in response to your test results.

Learn to pitch to investors

Lastly, you’ll learn how to pitch and communicate your ideas effectively in a venture context to potential investors.

Learn from a team of start-up experts at the Founders Factory

The team at the Founders Factory have created over 50 businesses from scratch, and helped to grow over 100 more.

You’ll be guided throughout from a team of start-up experts, experienced in all areas from product and engineering to fundraising and growth.

This course is suited to any budding entrepreneurs who are interested in starting their own business or start-up.

This could include current university students, recent graduates, or professionals looking to change their career, upskill or reskill.