Value Chain Management Capstone

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  • Module 1: Capstone Overview and Business Case Introduction
    • In this module, you will become familiar with the challenges facing World Cloud Sensor Computing, Inc. (WCSC) as its competitive environment changes. You will call upon the ideas, techniques, and frameworks that you have learned during the completion of the previous courses within this specialization to complete assignments.
  • Module 2: Building an Organizational Activity System Map
    • In this module, you will build on and apply the skills and tools from the previous courses to construct an activity map. This activity map will identify the core elements of WCSC’s value proposition and the key activities that delivers this value.
  • Module 3: Assessment of Value Chain Activities
    • In this module, you will analyze the value chain activities identified in Module 2. You will address questions such as: Which of these activities are the key cost drivers? What will impact the total costs? How can these activities be reenvisioned to reduce cost and create better coherence among activities? Which of these activities are key value drivers?
  • Module 4: Understanding Business Performance and Fine-Tuning the Value Chain
    • In this module, you will analyze how each activity contributes to the performance and profitability of the organization. You will be making decisions on what products and services should be marketed and how (in-house, outsourced, etc.). You will develop a decision model and use this model to make recommendations regarding WCSC’s product portfolio.
  • Module 5: Final Report
    • In this module, you will synthesize all the analyses and concepts into a coherent report that discusses your strategy and provides support for your final decisions and recommendations.
  • Module 6: Reflection and Thoughts on Value Chain Management
    • In this module, you will be asked to reflect on the importance of the value chain to the firm. You will be given prompts to help you think through this process. You will articulate your current understanding of value chain management and its impact on organizational performance and profitability.