Value-Based Care: Capstone Project

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  • Value-Based Care Specialization Capstone Project
    • Whether your experience is clinical, financial, managerial, or perhaps a combination, throughout the Value-Base Care specialization program your expertise has informed each course module reflection activity and summative assignment. You have stretched your thinking as you have built your knowledge in areas where you may have had less experience and made notes on areas needing further development. You should approach this capstone project in the same manner as you integrate the work you have completed in this specialization and reflect upon your learning through the courses. Just as transitioning to and maintaining a value-based care organization is a team-based effort, this capstone project will guide you in connecting with a team member or supportive colleague that can review some of the work that you have completed in this specialization and provide you with their insights to further enhance your understanding of VBC.
  • Assemble and Create a Portfolio of Projects
    • In this step, you will assemble your six course projects into a portfolio that showcases what you learned.
  • Share Your Capstone Project
    • After you have incorporated revisions in your six course projects and created a cohesive portfolio, you are ready to share your work with someone who can provide a higher level of feedback on the content as well as guide you toward a path that will allow you to use the knowledge you have learned in these courses in your career.
  • Document Your Learning
    • In this final module, you will reflect on what you have learned through the development of six course projects as well as the meeting with the reviewer you selected.