Valuation and Creating Sustainable Value

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Week 1: Introduction to Value
This week will introduce you to the concept of value.

In this week, you will:

  • Understand the concept of value & valuation
  • Identify the importance of valuation
  • Explore the financial statements and accounting ratios (in brief)
  • Learn the concept of Time Value of Money
  • Describe the framework of valuation
  • Learn the Dividend Discount Model

Week 2: Methods of Valuation

In this week, you will learn the different methods of valuation and apply the concept to real companies.

You will:

  • Learn the Discounted Cash Flow Method of Valuation
  • Calculate enterprise value and equity value
  • Apply the method to value real-life companies
  • Gain insights from experts

Week 3: Methods of Valuation

You will explore the other methods of valuation.

You will:

  • Learn valuation using multiples
  • Identify and calculate the different multiples
  • Apply the multiples to value firms
  • Understand the basics of start-up valuation
  • Familiarize to the concept of creating sustainable value

Week 4: Drivers for Creating Sustainable Value

You will explore the different drivers for creating sustainable value

You will:

  • Understand the concept of strategy and its role in value creation
  • Describe the importance of operational efficiency for value creation
  • Explain the importance of managing human capital for value creation
  • Gain insights from experts

Week 5: Drivers for Creating Sustainable Value (contd)

In this week, you will identify the other drivers for creating value

You will:

  • Define strategic investing and financing decisions.
  • Learn the capital budgeting techniques
  • Describe the concept of leverage
  • Explore corporate governance and its role in creating value for the company