Vacuum Technology & Process Application

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Week 1: Introduction to the course, Basic concepts of Vacuum Technology, Physical Principles behind various Vacuum process applications Week 2:Action & Construction of Rotary Vane pump, Rotary piston pump, Diffusion pump and Roots Blower Week 3:Screw/Diaphragm/Claw/Scroll pumps for dry vacuum production Week 4:Turbomolecular, Ion & Cryopumps for ultra-high vacuum production, Selection criteria of vacuum pumps for different applications. Week 5:Measurement of Vacuum using Primary & Secondary gauges (U Tube/McLeod/Bourdon/Pirani/Penning/Ionization/Capacitance) Week 6:Vacuum Materials, Valves & Components, Mechanical design of Vacuum vessels, Fabrication and testing of Vacuum chambers, Degassing procedures. Week 7:Fluid flow in Vacuum systems, flow conductance, Effective pumping speed and pump down time calculations for molecular and viscous regions. Week 8:Design aspects of Vacuum systems for different applications, Complete design of Vacuum furnace for Metallurgical processing as an example tutorial Week 9:Leak detection, troubleshooting of vacuum systems, mass spectrometric leak detectors, residual gas analyzers, Outgassing in UHV systems Week 10:Application of Vacuum Technology in Chemical/Pharmaceutical/Food processing and packing/Medical/Solar thermal/Wood processing/Precise lifting applications Week 11:Application of Vacuum Technology in Electrical/coating/Electronics/semiconductor and Metallurgical processes. Vacuum aspects of IC chip/Solar PV cell/Mobile/TV/Computer manufacturing Week 12:Application of Vacuum in Space (ISRO) and Nuclear (DAE) applications, Nuclear fusion for future clean energy, Space simulation chambers for satellite and space shuttle testing