Using JavaScript, JQuery, and JSON in Django

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  • JavaScript
    • As we begin to add interactive elements to our web pages, we need to learn JavaScript. For students with a JavaScript background this will be a bit of review as we learn JavaScript from a Django perspective.
  • Object Oriented JavaScript
    • The Object-Oriented approach in JavaScript is different from Object Orientation in Python in some important ways. So we look at the unique features of the OO pattern in JavaScript. The high level concepts are the same between Python and JavaScript but the implementation details are different in important and subtle ways.
  • jQuery
    • There are many JavaScript libraries to make it easier to do common tasks in the browser. jQuery is one of the more popular libraries that are available and we use it in this course because it is so common. But concepts in this section apply to "vanilla JavaScript" or other JavaScript frameworks.
    • JSON and AJAX allow web pages to add interactivity and interact with the back-end without sending entire web pages back and forth to the server.
  • Ads #4 - Search
    • In this module we extend our application to add search to our classified ads application.