US Social Services: Where did they come from?

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  • Early Roots of Social Policy
    • In this module, you'll learn about the roots of social policy. Learners will hear about the Poor Laws and how the poor law shaped American social policy as well as the history of early activists and influencers.
  • Roots of US Social Policy
    • This module describes the development of social policy in the modern industrial city: public health, worker safety, mother's pensions and roots of the movement for racial equality.
  • The beginnings of the welfare state
    • This module explores the shift to a federal role in social policy and the development of welfare state institutions, including public works and employment, pensions, public housing and supports for families
  • Safety nets versus entitlement
    • As the US Welfare State developed, health care and social services expanded. Tensions developed over the role of safety net programs for the poor and the social policy debate centered on providing entitlements versus developing self-sufficiency.