US-China Relations – What Is at Stake

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Western strategists hoped that by integrating China into the global economy, especially by admitting it to the WTO, the seeds of democracy would eventually bloom. They were wrong. The West’s mishandling of the Global Financial Crisis boosted the Chinese Communist Party’s confidence in its unique authoritarian model of state-driven capitalism and encouraged Beijing to start translating its growing economic clout into greater political influence on the world stage.

The US remains the sole superpower, but it can feel China breathing down its neck as Xi Jinping seeks to realise his China Dream of national rejuvenation. Hoped-for collaboration has been replaced by out-and-out competition across the policy spectrum.

You will learn in this course why bilateral ties have sunk so low, culminating in a trade and technology war begun by Donald Trump that Joe Biden is perpetuating. You will track how Trump’s initial recourse to tariffs on imports of Chinese goods gradually gave way to restrictions on Chinese access to US technology, especially advanced semiconductors.

While China’s determination to close the technology gap with the US is driven by the imperative of finding the next drivers of economic growth, you will see how it also fits in with Beijing’s doctrine of cyber sovereignty – exemplified by its strict censorship of the internet – and by its strategy to increase self-sufficiency in key domains.

The contest between the US and China inevitably has a military dimension as Beijing seeks to end American hegemony in the western Pacific and reassert control over what it deems historically to be its sphere of influence. The flashpoint to watch is Taiwan. You will learn about the balance of forces and the challenges facing both militaries, enabling you to judge by the end of the course whether a hot war is likely.

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