Urgent Optimism: How to Turn Foresight into Action

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  • Preferred Futures
    • Welcome to Urgent Optimism! If you're ready to act now to change the future, you're in the right place. This week, you'll learn all about preferred futures. A preferred future describes exactly what changes you want to make in the world, and it helps you strategize to make those changes real. Let's go!
  • Images of the Future
    • You've defined the future YOU want to make. But who else shares your vision? This week, you'll learn how to find and analyze images of the future. An image of the future is any popular expression - in movies, books, TV, videogames, comics, religion, political manifestos - of what the future might be like. It can help you understand: What futures do others hope for? What futures do they fear? How can you present your preferred future in the most compelling way?
  • Artifacts from the Future
    • This week, you'll learn another persuasive technique: how to make "artifacts from the future". An artifact is a real-world object that brings the everyday details of a possible future to life. A good artifact can blur the line between the present and the future, sparking "a ha" moments and conversations that lead to action today. We'll show you how we made our favorite artifacts. By the end of the week, you'll be ready to create your own!
  • Action Roadmaps
    • Finally, it's time for the most practical tool in Institute for the Future's toolkit: the Action Roadmap. This week, you'll learn how to work backwards from your preferred future to plan actions you can take today, this month, this year, and this decade to make the biggest impact on the future. We'll show you our action roadmaps. Then you'll show us yours!
  • You're Ready to Make the Future!
    • You've made it! Let's celebrate your new Urgent Optimism skills with one more action: a Pledge to Make the Future. Learn how to use the tool, make your own pledge, and bring your community together to make many pledges that can truly change the future.