Urban Transportation Systems Planning

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Urban transportation is an important issue in developing countries such as India. Transportation impacts various aspects such as mobility, health of residents, economic and energy aspects in an Urban area. This course covers the challenging need for effective and efficient planning of urban transport addressing the growing travel demand in a sustainable and affordable way. This NPTEL course will help in capacity building amongst master students, policy makers, practitioners, etc. for urban transport planning and decision making, to understand urban transport in all relevant dimensions, and develop urban transport plans, programs and projects. The course will consist of following nine modules: Module-A: Introduction to Urban Transportation Planning; Module-B: Overview of 4-Stage Urban Transportation Planning Process; Module-C: Trip Generation; Module-D: Trip Distribution; Module-E: Modal Split; Module-F: Traffic Assignment; Module-G: Land Use and Transportation; Module-H: Urban Goods Movement; Module-I: Emerging Trends in Transportation Planning

INTENDED AUDIENCE :M.E. / M.Tech. Students of Transportation Engineering or equivalent specialization

PREREQUISITES : NoneINDUSTRIES SUPPORT :This is a core course in all IITs, NITs and universities offering M.E. / M.Tech in Transportation Engineering and therefore recognized by companies/industries in relevant areas