Unreal Engine Interactive 3D: Sequencer-Cinematography, Interfaces, Visual Effects, Pipelines, and Production

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In this course, you will learn about the Unreal Sequencer as we focus on cinematography. We will set up cameras, lenses, track and jibs to frame shots and create cinematics.

You will learn the Unreal Motion Graphics (UMG) for user interface design, and together we will build a Heads Up Display (HUD) as well as an “in-game” interface (useful for VR and AR).

You’ll get an overview of visual effects, building on content from UNRL 101 and 102, plus adding new simulations and effects with the Unreal Chaos Engine and Niagara Particles.

You’ll learn best practices for virtual and in-person collaboration with an introduction to SCRUM quality production workflow, including discussion around various source control asset and animation pipelines. You’ll see a showcase of technology including a virtual reality (VR) template and Quixel mixer tools. Finally, you’ll review optimization strategies and package your interactive work into a runtime executable.