Unleashing the Impact of your Social Enterprise

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  • Introduction to Social Impact Assessment
    • Welcome to the final Course of this Social Entrepreneurship Specialization. In this session you will be introduced to the topic of measuring the social impact of a venture. You are asked to apply your knowledge to the case of Specialisterne and frame your business plan by writing the executive summary.
  • Measuring Social Impact
    • Welcome to Module 2. In this week we will delve deeper into social impact assessment. We encourage you to explore your possibilities as you grow and try to find indicators for your activities. It is crucial to understand and document how societal value is created. Most startups do not yet have any actual impact that can be measured, therefore, it is important to spell out your “theory of change” as clearly as possible and to back it up with data if possible. Relevant data would substantially strengthen your position in terms of investors, stakeholders as well as your communication and marketing strategy.
  • How Social Enterprises Communicate
    • Welcome to Module 3! In this week we will talk about how social enterprises communicate about their products and their impact. The case about CaféDirect will be presented and you will be encouraged to think about your own communication strategy. Finally we will kick-off the topic about growth and replication.
  • Growth and Replication of Social Enterprises
    • Welcome! In week 4 we will talk about how social enterprises can replicate their social innovations. We will focus on the case of Specialisterne, which demonstrates that also mixed approaches can be valuable and we will also listen to best-practice examples of India and the U.S. Finally you will be asked to give advice about the the Mobility CarSharing case.
  • Finalize your Business plan
    • Welcome change-makers to the final week of this Social Entrepreneurship Specialization! We will use this session to further discuss exit strategies by looking at two cases: Mobility and Café Direct. Finally we will approach the sensitive topic of failing and what role it plays in the field of social entrepreneurship. We also want to use this option to thank all learners for participation, contribution and support! We hope that this specialization helped to kick-start your own social entrepreneurship journey. Keep up your good work! Congratulations and good luck!